March 29, 2021

6 spices that are unique to mexican cooking

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Mexican flavours are more than just spices and chilies…

1. Mexican Oregano
You could think there is just one type of oregano, the European one. And it makes sense as Italians are well known for seasoning their dishes with this spice, however, there is a different version that was born in Mexico.

Mexican oregano is more aromatic, and citrus-scented, even a bit sweet compare to the European version.

2. Mexican Vanilla
Did you know that Vanilla is native from Mexico? You will also be surprised to know that Mexican Vanilla is amongst the best in the world. No doubt it is the queen for sweet preparations!

3. Avocado Leaf
Avocado leaves are used to add an interesting flavour to all type of meats. Often used in Central and Southern Mexico, this ingredient is one of our favourites!

4. Hoja Santa
Hoja Santa or the holly leaf is commonly used to wrap delicious tamales or any type of meat. Also added in any sauce or mole to provide a delicate, floral, citrusy aroma.

5. Garlic Powder
Although garlic powder is universal, Mexican flavours are not the same without it.

6. Achiote Paste
Achiote’s flavours are mildly spicy and earthy. It comes from the seeds of the annatto tree. Famous for giving its colour to the delicious Cochinita, mainly prepared in the southern part of Mexico.

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